The Daily Quote: President Harry Truman and Maya Angelou

The Daily Quote

QuestionsIt’s important to ask questions.Never stop. Question everything.
That is a big lesson I try to teach my children. It’s cliché, but now more than ever, I realize that knowledge truly is power. As I guide my children to seek out the “why” behind all the things they see & wonder about, I realize how quickly their knowledge & understanding of the world expands. The more I lead them to notice, question, & hypothesize about the average, every day things around them, the more they come to me with comprehensive, elaborate observations that they’ve made on their own time. At the ages of 4 and 7, without a doubt, on some days, it’s all I can do to simply survive until the moment they start snoring & the questions stop. They drive me batty sometimes. But I know I am fostering capable, intelligent, thoughtful individuals. What better way to train up decision-makers than to foster curiosity? One…

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