The Daily Quote: Allahu Akbar

“Attackers in Paris and Mali shouted the phrase “Allahu akbar” before firing shots and killing people. “Allahu akbar” translates simply to “God is greater.” Muslims explain how misuse of the phrase has affected their lives in the U.S.

They discuss the media sensationalism, religious extremism, Donald Trump and fascism, and their cultural adjustments because of the backlash.”

Lisa Biagiotti, Contact Reporter, LA Times

Source: The Misuse of ‘Allahu akbar’ and how the phrase has been co-opted by terrorists


The Daily Quote: Thanksgiving

“Thanksgiving is a time when my family gets together & tells stories about our creation myths & who we were & who we are & really, what we lost.”
I do not teach my children that ‘Thanksgiving’ is based on a time when the ‘Pilgrims & the Indians’ shared food, culture & hospitality.
I will never, ever tell my children such lies.
We all know the disgusting truth. Most of us simply choose to keep passing on the lies that were painted to cover up the murder, rape, theft & destruction of the beautiful life & culture that existed here before this was “America.”
Oppression still exists here in the “land of the free.”
It’s called the Reservation.
We enjoy our turkey, & when the kids bring home construction paper & feather headbands & talk of the pilgrims & the first Thanksgiving dinner, I don’t know what to say right now, as they are so small. It’s not that I don’t know how to tell them about the way our ancestors violently took this land & it’s people.
My problem is this: How you do tell your kids that their teachers, their school, the text books, the department store holiday decor, the Charlie Brown thanksgiving special, & virtually every one & everything else is LYING to them?
And when they ask why??????
For now, I don’t say anything. They haven’t asked, & I haven’t told. But sooner or later, they will know, & then what will they think of this world? What will they think of America? What will they think of this ‘land of the free’ & ‘land of prosperity’ when they find out that despite all of our advancements, political, social, economic, & technological, the civil rights movements, fighting for equal rights, etc, etc…this reality still exists for the Natives to whom this land first belonged.
They continue to exist in an invisible oppression, denied & ignored by the masses; the offspring of the “pilgrims” who destroyed their beautiful way of life, & the futures of their people for generations & generations to come.

The Daily Quote: Intro to Southern Grammar


It’s a word we love (or love to hate). For me, it’s just part of the lingo I grew up on.

Meaning: You all.

It’s a staple to Southern speaking. It makes sentences roll off our tongues, smooth like butter. Any time we can take a multi-syllable word or phrase & cut it down to one, or two…that’s Winning.


You all = Y’all.

Are not/ Am not/ Is not = Ain’t.

Mind you, using these particular words will not afford you good marks academically, as use of Southern grammar is generally frowned upon in academic & professional settings & applications.

But I, for one, say, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with kickin’ your shoes off, lettin’ your hair down, & talkin’ the way you like when you get home with your kinda folk.

I’m a Southern gal, but I’ve gotten used to putting the proper endings on my words & not adding or subtracting syllables in the workplace. I call it my “Ohio” accent. Where the word ‘pie’ always rhymes with ‘eye.’  As a nurse, I want my patients to be at ease & confident in my knowledge & abilities. I don’t want people to double check to see if I have teeth & shoes on because of the way I talk. (I know, that is very politically incorrect). I’m edu-ma-cated, as we playfully say. As funny & as common as some of those “Kentucky” & “Country folk” stereotypes may be, I must say, don’t let our accents fool you. A Southern accent is in no way a reflection of one’s intelligence. Some people choose to adapt & train themselves to speak more “properly” or “professionally,” & others don’t. I know plenty of teachers, even some doctors & other nurses who have Southern accents.

Bless your heart. ❤ Y’all come back now…ya hear?