May the peace, mercy, & blessings of Allah be with you.

My thoughts & experiences come from the perspective of one person; one mother, one woman. God willing, my words can inspire  & inform others, & show that despite the many differences we have (i.e. race, gender, religion, culture, sexuality, etc.), we are all the same; we are all Human.

I am a Wife, Mother, Writer, Nurse, Muslim, Social advocate…there are so many hats I wear & labels that I and other people place on me, but above all, I am just ME.

I am just trying to find the balance & the difference between my responsibilities / the “things I do,” and “who I am.”

I go to work each day as a school nurse, fixing boo-boos, treating sick children, & comforting hurts & hurt feelings. ❤ As a nursing professional, I try to offer information & knowledge that is important & helpful to people – especially women, & Mothers like myself.

Writing has been an outlet & a hobby in my life since I was a little girl. As a child & throughout my young adult years, writing poetry & memoirs gave me a way to “say” the things I didn’t have the courage to speak. Through personal growth & experience, writing has become a means to express myself artistically & to share my faith. Click here to view my Author page.


I’m a social advocate – I believe in speaking out for justice, human rights, & taking notice of what is happening to other people in our world. No matter what country or continent, if people are suffering – those are my people suffering. We are all human beings. I believe in building people up. Encouraging each other. Helping each other. Being concerned for the rights & the well being of everyone; not just those in our own back yards. Especially women & children.

I hope you find my posts inspiring & informative. May you only find positivity, knowledge, & love when you visit my page. Thank you for visiting. 🙂

Peace ❤

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